Industrial Concrete

The Evers Construction team comes to your project with years of experience in all types of industrial concrete contracting work. In addition to slabs and foundation work for new construction, we are experts in demolition, equipment removal and the installation of pits and foundations for new equipment being located in your existing facility. Our top priority is quality, precision work within your time constraints.

  • Demolition
  • Equipment Removal
  • Pit Installation
  • Concrete pour-in-place Walls
  • Machine and Equipment Foundations
  • Building Foundations
  • Structural Footings
  • Concrete Drain Systems
  • Tank Pads
  • Equipment and Containment Pits
  • Area Slab Concrete Installation
  • Concrete Stairway systems
  • Approach Aprons
  • Concrete Docks
  • Concrete Pipe Bollards
  • Concrete Trenches
  • Concrete Ramps
Industrial Concrete