Safety1Evers Construction has set forth policies and procedures that make working safely the way we do business. Our dedicated team of professionals plan safety throughout every aspect of our work, from the bidding process through the actual field work. Working safely an integral part of every work day.

Our expectations are to complete our work accident and incident free. We believe that training, communication and monitoring are critical to achieve our goals of zero accidents and zero injuries.

  • Our Comprehensive Safety Program is continually updated and training provided to our employees at regular intervals, key components of the safety program are Training, Task Planning, Auditing, Recognition and Incident Investigation.
  • We strive to provide a safe work environment, free of known hazards through pre-planning in order to minimize or eliminate hazards. Through training in safe work practices and the use of proper personal protective equipment. Protection for hazards that cannot be eliminated is provided.
  • Pre-planning every aspect of our work is a critical part of our safety program.   A safe plan of work is developed prior to start-up of a project and discussed with all employees involved. Employees are required to attend tool-box meetings that discuss the job’s tasks including hazards and methods for eliminating or minimizing those hazards. Employee input is encouraged during these meetings.
  • Employees are trained to conduct a hazard assessment of their work areas daily and insure that those working around them are doing so safely. Employees use a Job Safety Analysis (JSA) to plan their work activities and insure that all employees understand the assigned tasks.
  • Communication is a very important part of our safety program, because we not only communicate our expectations to our employees, we also encourage feedback so everyone takes ownership.