Service and Maintenance

Our Services

We know that some issues at your facility are urgent;  That’s why we have a department dedicated to solving these problems.

If your heating or air conditioning isn’t working properly, or is ready for a seasonal inspection, drain is clogged, need a new sink, or the lights not coming on.  Our Service and Maintenance department can help keep your facility up and running. 

Electrical Service

Wiring, Lighting and Maintenance
Data Communication Systems Wiring
Fiber Optic Cable Installation and Termination
Equipment and Control Wiring
Power Wiring through 15 KV
Electrical Engineering Services

Plumbing Service

Commercial and Industrial Services
Drain Cleaning
In-Line Video Camera Service
In-Line Smoke Testing
Gas-Line Work
General Repairs and Replacements
Underground Leak Location and Repairs
Plumbing Inspections
Gas-Line Inspections

HVAC Service

Commercial and Industrial Heating and A/C Systems
Environmental Control Systems
“Make-Up” Air Systems
Fume and Smoke Close Capture Exhaust Systems
General Plant Ventilation
General Repair Services for HVAC Systems
HVAC Engineering Services

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